HARF - Hoosier Auto Racing Fans fan club
New info:

1st:  I am accepting nominations for the HARF Hall of Fame (Newsletter is being printed now but not fast enough for my liking)
When you nominate for the HoF, please write AT LEAST 1 paragraph about your nominee.  If you have a contact number or address for them would be nice. Also, note your name as the nominator.
2nd:  orders for the HARF 2017 Annual Banquet tickets are being accepts now.  Tickets are $20 each or $80 if you would like to sponsor an award.  Sponsorship includes the plaque and 2 tickets to the winner and 2 tickets and mention in the program for the sponsor.
If you are interested in either if these, you can either snail mail or email (vblackharf@comcast.net) the nomination and snail mail your ticket requests (2137 Main Street, Speedway, IN 46224)

Remember, I try to keep our records correct, but, if you or someone you know is having any kind of problem with your membership, please call or send me an e-mail, or facebook Bob or HARF, I will fix it.
Lastly, if you moved or changed some of your information (address, phone #, e-mail address) you can send an e-mail and I'll update it.

VICKI BLACK                                                  
HARF Secretary                                              

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